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Mala Fatra trip in 2018

Hiking in Mala Fatra, Slovakia – One of the really beautiful walking trips I have been to and what better than being organised and led by Martin – a local who know his country so well! 4 days of awesome walks through the different terrains, gorges, ridge walks with a visit to the Spa which […]

High Tatras trips in 2018

Without a doubt, it was an amazing hiking trip! Martin’s attention to detail and organization made a smooth trip! The accommodation was comfortable and the trails met all expectations! The Thermal pools were just the perfect event to close-up this awesome trip! I really had a great time with my hiker friends and Martin! I […]

Solo Travel in Slovakia – Do it on your own!

I think Slovakia as a destination for solo travellers is an interesting option, even though it´s not so popular as other countries. What is the reason? Why is it not so popular? In my opinion it´s because of the lack of information about travelling to Slovakia on your own and it may be a bit […]

Why to visit Mala Fatra mountains

Mala Fatra (Lesser Fatra or Small Fatra) is a national park in the northwest Slovakia. It´s situated about 2 hours driving from Bratislava and a bit more if you´d like to reach it by train and bus. You need to change in Žilina to get to Terchova, which is a main center of Mala Fatra. […]

Scenic Circle Hike in Tatra Mountains

This scenic hike starts at Strbske pleso (in the picture below) and goes through the Mlynicka and Furkotska valleys. There is a small and narrow mountain pass, Priečne sedlo, directly in the middle of the hike, in the altitude of 2314m. The mountain pass is secured with chains so you shouldn´t be afraid of scrambling. […]

5 Unique Activities To Do In Slovakia vol. 2

Sometime ago we published the first blog post about interesting activities that you can do in Slovakia and now we bring the next 5 activities. You can have a look at the first blog post if you CLICK HERE. 1 Visit VYCHODNA Folklore Festival Folklore Festival VYCHODNA is the largest and oldest festival in Slovakia. […]

6 TOP views you can get when hiking in Slovakia

Why you go hiking? I guess everybody has a different motive or reason, but I think we all share one in common – VIEWS. I think 99% of hikers do it also because of the views and some great landscapes. This blog post is about TOP views in Slovakia in various parts and mountains of […]

5 Unique Activities To Do In Slovakia vol. 1

1 Visit the Devin Castle by boat When visiting BRATISLAVA, lot of people decide to visit the Devin Castle, which is part of the oldest history of Slovakia. The majority of travellers simply take a bus to get there. You can use a more interesting mean of travel. A boat. The history of Devin castle goes back […]

6 Things to do around Tatra mountains… when tired of hiking

Hiking all day every day may be tiring and all hikers need to take a day off every now and then. There are couple of interesting things to do on a „free“ day. Going to thermal pools, do rafting or biking. Scroll down for an inspiration. 1 Vrbov thermal pool Hot geothermal water is really […]

TOP 5 Best hikes in the Paradise

The Slovak Paradise national park is not as famous as the Tatra mountains, but is definitely interesting too and it is a pity to miss out this great hiking area when exploring Slovakia. What is different to Tatras? Well… probably everything. There are no rugged peaks, lakes or spectacular views. All this is compensated by […]