``You saved us many hours of googling``

Malla, Finland

Yep, that´s what I´m trying to do. I can imagine, how difficult it must be to do the planning of holidays in Slovakia, if you don´t speak Slovak language at all. Actually, planning is maybe the easier part, but the traveling itself must be a real challenge. And that´s probably also one of the reasons, why there are so few travellers coming to Slovakia from abroad. I decided to change it.

By the way, I´m Martin, a typical millennial. Google says that, as a millennial, I have entrepreneurial intentions, I want to do something meaningful and environmentally friendly for a living. I can confirm, that it´s completely true. I have a feeling, that organizing trips for travellers to Slovakia, meets all those criteria.

I decided to establish a travel agency in the last year at the university. It was an evening and I was studying for a final exam. All of a sudden an “aha” moment appeared. For a long time I was thinking of my future and suddenly the idea arose. Since then I was taking little steps to get closer to this aim.

In reality the idea was not so new. First it appeared a decade ago, when I was a student at the secondary school. It was an exchange program and students from Belgium came to Slovakia. I noticed, that som of them liked almost everything about Slovakia and I was wondering, why there are so few people visiting Slovakia from abroad. It´s a pity, they don´t know about Slovakia. So I tried to change it a little bit with my blog Slovakation, that has later transformed to a SLOVAKATION Travel Agency.

The end


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