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Private Ski & Snowboard Holidays for Groups

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Ski holidays for advanced skiers or ski courses for beginners. Couples, families or groups of friends – we can cater for everyone. Read more below or contact us directly with your requirements.

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All about the Private Ski & Snowboard Holidays for Groups.

Spend your winter holidays in Slovakia. Skiing in Slovakia has a long history and here in Slovakation we do skiing as well. We know the best ski resorts in Slovakia and we can advise you which one to choose if you are an advanced skier, freeride skier or you want to try skiing for the first time in your life.

If you let us organize the skiing holidays for you, we will take care of the accommodation, we will arrange the airport transfers, we will help you to hire ski gear and ski instructors if you would like to take lessons of skiing.

Slovakia is a great place to organize a ski course. When learning to ski, you don´t have to hit the biggest and longest ski slopes, but local, smaller and cheaper ski resorts could suit you much better. Our local English speaking ski instructors will help you to reach a certain level of skill and next time you can go to the Alps and enjoy the immense ski resorts.

Here are some tips for beginner skiers:

– Protect your skin from the cold, the wind and the sun
– Use sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes
– Stay warm by using layers of clothes – You can take them off if you get too hot
– Make sure that you have adequate travel insurance
– Try and borrow ski clothes rather than buying at first (It is highly unlikely that you will not enjoy the experience but just in case!)
– Eat a big breakfast
– Take a rucksack so you can carry water, snacks, extra layers and your valuables

Whether you are a couple, family or a group of friends, feel free to CONTACT US. When contacting us, please let us know the following information:

  • Date, time and place of your arrival and departure
  • How many people are going to travel with you
  • How many days you would like to spend skiing
  • Woud you like to take a day off and visit some other place
  • Do you want to take skiing lessons? For how many people?


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

We can include whatever you want:

  • Accommodation in family guest houses, chalets or hotels
  • Airport transfers
  • Day trips to relax
  • Hire ski gear
  • Ski lessons
  1. First Day Arrival

    On the first day we will meet you at the chosen airport or some other place and transfer you to the accommodation.

  2. Following days Activities

    Every day skiing in chosen ski resort either on your own or with ski instructor. The ski and chair lifts usually operates from 8:30 in the morning till 16:00 in the afternoon. There are many bars and restaurants in the ski resorts where you can have a lunch or take a break.

    Skiing may be tiring after several days and therefore we can take you for a day trip to thermal water park or to some other interesting place.

  3. Last Day Departure

    Departure and transfer to the chosen airport or some other place according to your requests

Peak Lomnicky
Strbske pleso
Ski Slope

It pretty much depends on the weather. Usually in March the weather is more pleasant than in January and therefore you´ll need less warm clothes and layers. But there are still some essential that we recommend:

Essentials: Long thermal underwear (top and bottom), thermal socks, a ski fleece or long roll neck top, gloves, plus a ski jacket and ski pants

Optional: A fleece earwarmer or hat

If you’re just having beginner lessons you’ll be fine without ski goggles, but definitely take a pair of sunglasses with you as the snow can get pretty bright. We’d also recommend sun lotion.

You can just bring a small backpack with you to put things there – your phone, a water bottle, some money and extra layers. Or you can simply use your ski jacket pockets.

The beginner lessons include the real basics. You will learn how to move/slide in skis. Then you will progress onto how to stop (by snowploughing), followed by how to turn using your weight. You will start off on a flat surface, and as you feel more confident you will move on up to a small slope, followed by a slightly larger slope.

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