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Scenic Circle Hike in Tatra Mountains

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This scenic hike starts at Strbske pleso (in the picture below) and goes through the Mlynicka and Furkotska valleys. There is a small and narrow mountain pass, Priečne sedlo, directly in the middle of the hike, in the altitude of 2314m. The mountain pass is secured with chains so you shouldn´t be afraid of scrambling. Keep in mind that the hike is anticlockwise, so you should be walking from Mlynicka to Furotska valley. Not in the opposite direction, how many people do it though. The hike is a difficult one. The length is more than 16 km with the vertical ascent of 1064 meters.

There are countless lakes on the way and even a waterfall, called Skok. You will experience all the ecosystems of the Tatra mountains – forests, dwarf pines, lakes and alpine habitats. Enjoy the photo report below.

strbske pleso
Lake Strbske is the starting point of this hike

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You will walk through the forest at first
waterfall skok
Good spot to refresh
vodopad skok waterfall
Little bit of scrambling just above the waterfall
First bigger lake – Pleso nad Skokom
Crossing the brook flowing through the valley from the highest situated lake
Always remember to bring sunscreen lotion in summer to the mountains 😉
We are already in Alpine ecosystem. No greenery, just rocks. This was June and there is still snow scattered around the top of the peaks.

Do you want to explore the Tatra mountains? Join us for one of our weekend trips

priecne sedlo
View from the mountain pass – Priečne sedlo
furkotska dolina
Coming down through the Furtkotska valley
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