Special day at the Spis castle

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October is that time of the year, when you can experience a day like this at the SPIŠ Castle – the prime monument, of the Tatra region, one of the biggest castles in Europe, listed in UNESCO. Almost every day in October the bottom parts of the castle and the whole valley is hidden in the fog in the morning, while the upper parts of the castle, including the watching tower are above the fog. That causes those amazing views, which you can see in the photos. I took them during one of our hiking trips, when we had a day off.

The weather was the key factor, what made the day and the visit to the castle so special. Look at the pictures, to get a better idea of what I´m talking about 🙂

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Don´t hesitate to contact me, if you´d like to see this with your own eyes.

The view from the watchtower at the High Tatras in the distance. Nobody wanted to go down and leave the catle.



Part of our hiking group






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