The most beautiful hike in the High Tatras

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There are lots of hiking possibilities for hiking in the High Tatras, but this hike is just my most favourite. During one day you will see 3 lakes, walk beautiful hiking trails at the foot of the high summits with the views of the valleys, ascend to 2 000 meters high peak and eat lunch at the shore of a lake surrounded by the monumental peaks.

There are no more words needed. Just look at all the pictures below. At the end of the post you can also find the route of this hike with the basic information about the hike.

If you would like to walk this trail on your own I could help you to organize your vacation in Slovakia.

Probably the most beautiful view you can get during the hike

This is hike is also part of our Weekend hiking trip in the Tatra mountains

The starting point of the hike – Skalnate pleso. We took the cable car to reach the Skalnate pleso from the village of Tatranska Lomnica. The cable car in the picture is heading to the peak Lomnicky stit, which is the 2nd highest peak of Slovakia.
The lake and the peak Lomnicky štít above.
Heading to the peak Velka Svistovka, with an altitude of 2 037 m. a.s.l.
Other hikers showed us this chiling chamois
Almost at the summit of the Velka Svistovka
The view at the Belianske Tatras

This is hike is also part of our Weekend hiking trip in the Tatra mountains

The view at the lake on the other day
This part of the descend was a little bit more adventurous. You have to use the chains while going down.
It was the beginning of June, but there was still snow scattered everywhere.
We ate the lunch at the terrace and we didn´t want to leave.
Look back at the Kežmarský štít. We had an amazing time that day.

This is hike is also part of our Weekend hiking trip in the Tatra mountains

If you cannot see the route in the map, click below the map on blue sign “Velka Svistovka”

Route 3,078,380 – powered by
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5 thoughts on “The most beautiful hike in the High Tatras
  • It's such a beautiful place. Beautiful landscape. How many hours did it take you to climb the 2nd highest peak in Slovakia?

    • Martin

      Hello Rachel, I´m sorry for not responding earlier, but your comment was marked as spam. Luckily I found it. I have never climbed to the 2nd highest peak - Lomnicky stit. There is no hiking trail heading to this peak. If you would like to climb there, you will have to hire a mountain guide, who will guide you there. I think that it will be quite challenging hike. The…

  • Beautifully Taken Images, Awesome :) Great Work & Thanks For Sharing Your Wonderful Experience With Us Thru This Wonderful & Colorful Post :)

  • Hi there, me and my partner (both travel bloggers) are heading to the tatras and was wondering, is this trail well marked? Is it an easy route to follow? I hiked in the Zakopane area about five years ago and if it wasn't for my Polish friend I would have got lost :P I was also thinking to start early, do the cable ride to the top and get the…

  • Valentin

    Hello Martin, I am very interested to do this hike. Can you do a loop ? My only worry is to not come back to the point where I dropped my car at the first place. How did you manage it? Thank you


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