If you don´t want to drink Fanta, Cola… all the time, you can try out some original Slovak soft drinks as Kofola (herbal drink with cola flavour) or Vinea (drink with grape flavour). If you are not a big fan of sweet soft drinks, you can choose from a wide variety of our mineral waters as Budiš, Fatra, Mitická, Ľubovnianka, Korytnica and many more. For example, it´s recommended to drink Fatra, if you have problems with digestion.


In every shop and restaurant, you can usually find these beer brands – Zlaty Bažant, Topvar, Šariš, Corgoň. I don´t recommend you to try any of those. 🙂 If you have a chance, try to drink for example URPINER. It´s my favourite mass produced beer. The best beers produce the small local breweries such as Kaltenecker, Buntavar, Stupavar, Hellstork or Wywar. It´s not so easy to find them in the menus of the restaurants or in the pubs, but if you manage to find them, I recommend to try these beers.


Typical meals of Slovakia are soups like cabbage, lentil or bean soups. Those soups are pretty filling. Traditional sheep cheese, can be found either smoked or normal. The national meal is Bryndzove Halušky – gnocchi with special sheep cheese Bryndza and pieces of bacon. If you´d like to have something sweet, then you should try the steamed buns filled with jam and covered either with cacao or poppy seed.

Slovakian food is simple, fresh and hearty. Staples include pork, poultry, cheese, pastry, potatoes, onions and garlic. Lentil and vegetable stews are common, as well as wild game, pasta dishes and stone fruits.